Monday, 30 April 2012

Holiday Review: First Choice Holiday Village - Cyprus

We booked the First Choice Holiday Village in Cyprus on the back of our previous year's holiday to the First Choice Holiday Village in Egypt.

I really expected the holidays to be pretty much of a muchness.  A standard that all holiday villages have to meet.  I was surprised to find this was not the case.  It was not a problem, but the two holidays were completely different.

The Holiday Village in Cyprus is pretty much in two halves, the old half and the new half.  And unless you've been, you wouldn't know this.  We were in the old part.  We were a long walk away from the kids pool and play area, quite a stride from the restaurant and the entertainment.

But this wasn't a bad thing as we had a one bedroomed apartment style room which backed onto a swimming pool.  (that's our room on the left with the pagola)  The pool went from nothing to about 1.6 meters with rocks for jumping off and ... a bar!!  Were all inclusive so access to the bar was vital.  The Pina Colada's were to die for, albeit in a small cup, I really couldn't have managed an "adult" glass full.  There was enough sun loungers for everyone in the surrounding rooms and the next pool along was only through the bushes.  It really was very convenient.

The appeal for most families at this kind of resort is the kids club.  It appeals to me, greatly.  Unfortunately, it doesn't appeal to my children who refuse point blank to be entertained by strangers.  We managed to get the oldest into a few sessions, but they really are good sessions.  Canoeing, water games, high rope walking, scavenger hunts, there really is something for every child there.  Its certainly not all sticking and gluing.  This is all in addition to the fact that the kids team will basically take the kids for the night to watch the entertainment.

The restaurant was not vast.  The poolside food was basic, chips and hotdogs with a bit of salad.  The daytime meals were adequate, salads, chicken, the usual buffett food.  The evening meal offered a little more choice, but still no great shakes, the standard all inclusive menu we have all come to tire of.  The real gem when it came to food was the Mexican restaurant.  You have to pre-book and have a voucher to eat there once a week during your stay but seriously, the food could keep you going for a week.  There was so much!!  It was the most child friendly food establishment I have ever been in.  I can't sing its praises high enough.  Unfortunately, the greek restaurant was the polar opposite.  They didn't really cater for children and we were sat on the roadside.  They were clearly more interested in the "paying" customers.

All in all, a great holiday.  I was dubious at first when we were in the old part of the vast complex, but if we return, I would request the old side and shun the new!  Great value for money at less than £2,500 for a family of 4.

Disclosure Notice:  I have not been contacted by First Choice or the Hotel Alliathon to write this review.  The holiday was not provided by a third party and my views and opinions are entirely my own.


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