Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Ten Minute Task - The Can Cupboard

This week, I have to tackle the canned food cupboard as it is driving me insane!

Nothing is in the right place, things in jars are going out of date and it just needs organising.

So,  empty the cupboard and whilst you do this get rid of anything which is out of date.

Wipe out the cupboard and dry it.

Put the tins into some sort of sensible order.  I start with the ones I have most of and put those together, double stacked.  Then vegetables all go together, then sweet stuff ... you get the idea.

Probably the most useful advice from me on this one will be to put anything the kids love to eat at the back such as pots of custard or jelly that you are saving for a packed lunch.  

Have an organised week!


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Top 5 Thrifty Blogs

Much of my inspiration for money saving comes from reading the blogs of those on the same journey.  Some of the advice on those blogs has changed the way I have approached my mortgage pay off project and served me well when I've had quiet months work wise.

Top 5 Thrifty Blogs

These are my Top 5 Thrifty Blogs

Living Well Spending Less
This is an American Blog but most of the posts make perfect sense whether your in £££ or $$$.  Loads of to the point how to posts here to keep you on track and a huuuuuuuge Thrifty Thursday Linky where over 300 thrifty posts are linked up each week.

From Aldi to Harrods
Just discovered this last week and I'm loving it!  From tips on how to make £1000 in one month to posts telling you when to post on eBay for free.  I'm currently reading through old posts on here and my favourite has to be How To Sell Your Smelly Shoes on eBay.  You will not believe it! 

Mortgage Free in Three
I've spoken about Elaine's blog recording her journey of paying off her mortgage and living a debt free life.  Last month Elaine make a phenomenal amount of money and also shared some fantastic ideas for both making and saving money.

Utterly Scrummy Food for Families
A great source for low cost recipes.  If you're struggling with your meal planning or need a tight week, get over and have a read as Michelle seriously knows how to keep the cost of the weekly shop down and her family eat really healthy food.

A Thifty Mrs
This is the first thrifty blog I came across and I love the household advice on here.  I now know how to launder my towels correctly and mix up cheaper cleaning solutions.  A mine of advice and also a source of sales alerts and bargain buy news.  Invaluable, you must subscribe to this one to know about the offers asap.

 So that's what I read and what keeps me on track.  How about you - what's your favourite thrifty blog?

Monday, 21 April 2014

Meal Planning Monday - Freezer Restock

Remember how we ate out of our freezer for the whole of February?

Well now it's pretty empty and although it's nice to be able to find things, it's not so nice not being able to grab a quick meal top heat through.

So this week, I'm batch cooking all day Monday (I know how to enjoy a bank holiday :s) to restock.

I spent Saturday looking for meat deals to keep the cost down as a big cook like this can be expensive otherwise.

So this is what we're on...

Monday: potato hash (aka pie filling)
Tuesday: Potato, spinach and Chicken Curry
Wednesday: meat and potato pie and peas
Thursday: enchiladas and potato wedges
Friday: Chilli Con Carne and rice
Saturday: Take away
Sunday: Steak and Ale Casserole

I'll cook four portions of each meal and have the slow cooker going for the potato hash as its the least fragrant!

The enchiladas and curry will both be wok cooked and the two big pans will be on for the chilli and steak casserole.

I freeze everything in either Pyrex or disposable foil trays so there's no faffing around with plastic bags, I can just bung things in the oven or leave them out to defrost.

This post is linked up with Meal Planning Monday on At Home With Mrs M where there's loads of different meal plans. Go and have a look

Have a fab week!


Sunday, 20 April 2014

A Day in the Life - Infinite Claire

Most of my friends and family regularly, and have for years I may add, get digs in that I don't do any work.

I do actually own my own business, believe it or not - and most choose not to!!

For those who don't know I'm a Health and Safety Consultant and I own my own company Infinite Safety Ltd.  I work mainly with Construction Clients in the Lancashire Area and I work part time.

I work part time for two reasons.  Mainly because

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Plum Little Yums - Review

Teething seems to be happening younger and younger and this time I've lived every tooth, unlike my other two children who seemed to pop them through without much bother.

My youngest seems to get four at a time and take a week in doing so.  He goes off his food and goes picky whilst there's one on the way and although I've tried hard foods to get the tooth through, I think they
just appear when they are ready.

We were sent two packs of Plum Little Yums to try and they have gone down a storm.  He will eat these with Cheese and Chicken when going through a teething week so they are ideal for picky lunch.  They are also ideal for taking in the changing bag as a snack as they are individually wrapped in packs of three.

They are suitable from six months on and are certified as organic. They are also a great way to get babies self feeding and don't contain added sugar or salt but still taste great.

The two flavours we tried (and we have all tried them!) were Pumpkin and Banana and Spinach, Apple and Kale.

The flavours are sweet but not sacharinny and certainly don't leave teeth coated which I find other baby biscuits can do

Both varieties went down well and didn't leave any mess, which is a massive plus from me as I often can be seen with various food stuffs around my knee level!

A box of 18 (6 packs of 3) is currently £2.49 in Tesco.  I can't find them stocked in another supermarket yet but I'm sure when they become available they will be on offer!  They are available online via the Plum website and a few organic food suppliers.

Friday, 18 April 2014

The Best Supermarket Deal

What do you do when more than one of the big supermarkets are running offers? Which is the best?  Which one do you go for?

Each offer needs weighing up to see how much you actually save.  If you are spending what you haven't got to save, then it's not a good offer for you.  However, if you usually spend the qualifying amount, then it could be a good deal for you.

Take the Morrison's £10

Thursday, 17 April 2014

The £40 12 Year Old Challenge - The First Week

Remember at the start of the Easter Holidays I gave my 12 year old his spending money for the holidays?

The idea was to give it in one lump so the daily "can I have some money" didn't add up to a small fortune.

So how did the first week go?

From my perspective, very well as I've not been asked for any money!

On the other hand £16.50 went in the first evening at the waterpark and the rest has basically been frittered on drinks at the park.

He has learnt something though as he's spent birthday money on an annual pass for the waterpark.  He worked out it would take 8 trips to pay for itself and he's made two on the pass so far.  The food is really reasonable in there and they get a good meal.  He quickly realised that paying on the door would eat up his spends and took the advice of a friend who gets a pass each year.

He has dipped into his own money box though so he could get dinner during one visit to the waterpark.  And yes I did feel mean.

So, how much has the Easter holidays cost you in spends and refreshment money?  I'd love to hear, please leave a comment below.


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