Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Under 300 Calorie Egg and Bacon Sandwich

If you're calorie counting but craving a cooked breakfast, try this

1 rasher of bacon - fat removed
1 medium egg
1 slice of white bread
4 mushrooms
1/2 a tomato
Olive Oil spray.

Grill the bacon on a grill pan so the fat can drip away.

Also grill the mushrooms and tomato.

Beat the egg and soak the bread in it.

Spray the frying pan and cook the eggy bread.

Cut the mushrooms and tomatoes, pile on to the bread and add the bacon.

This should cure any bacon and egg sandwich cravings!

Calories: 260

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sweet Banana Porridge

If you're calorie counting but craving a sweet start to the day, try this

1 sachet of Oat So Simple Golden Syrup Porridge
1 medium banana
20 dried cranberries
Pinch of cinnamon

Make the porridge with cold water rather than milk.

Cook the porridge then stir in the cold ingredients.  Add a little more water if its too sticky.

Sprinkle over the cinnamon and enjoy!!

Calories: 268

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

8 World Book Day Costumes for Over 8's

February half term is in my opinion a week off for children to make their own fancy dress outfit for World Book Day.

In reality, it is the week that I forget to make the costumes as I'm chauffeuring my children round whilst tipping the contents of my purse out at every stop.

So, here's costumes that are easy to make for that difficult "I'm not dressing up" age.

Greg Heffley from Diary of the Wimpy Kid
Baseball Boots, blue jeans, white T-Shirt, Hoodie and hair Gel for the trademark propeller parting

Hermionie Grainger from Harry Potter
Black Victorian style boots, thick grey tights, kilt, grey wooly polo neck jumper, satchel, wand and hair brushed out.

Jared From The Spiderwick Chronicles
Baseball boots, jeans, tshirt and stripy red cardigan.  Satchel and big book.

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz
Red shoes, white tights, blue gingham dress, white tshirt. Hair in plaits.

Dennis The Menace
Red and black stripy top or jumper, black shorts, black boots, catapult and hair spiked.

Horrid Henry
Trainers, brown trousers, blue rugby shirt with yellow stripe, hair messed up.

Where's Wally or Wenda (how funny would this be if the whole class were Wallys and Wendas!)
Stripy tops, blue bottoms and glasses.

Tracey Beaker
Pretty much any clothes teamed,with lots of black hair

What will your little darlings be dressing up as?

Monday, 18 February 2013

Meal planning Monday

No plan last week due to the Chicken Pox, it was a wing it week.

This week is half term so its all about slow cooking, one pots and the freezer

Monday - shepherds pie from the freezer
Tuesday - quinoa curry
Wednesday - Italian slow roast
Thursday - vegetable chilli tacos
Friday - spag bol for us, spaghetti tacos for the boys

Bit of a rushed post today - There are loads more meal plans over on Mrs M's Blog ( and I mean - loads! )

What one pots and slow cooker meals do you love?

Sunday, 17 February 2013

How To Cure Cradle Cap?

I've always prided myself that my children didn't suffer with cradle cap.  I always put it, down to using a ramer sponge to thoroughly remove shampoo.

Until now.

Baby 3 is suffering terribly, even onto his little forehead.  So I've done what any responsible parent does and I've googled Cradle Cap to find a cure.

My first attempt was Olive Oil. It didn't work.

My second port of call was Dentinox shampoo. It didn't work.

Today I will try Vaseline and if that doesn't work, we'll be turning to coconut oil.

I'm guessing that each child is different, but what worked for you?

The Sunday Roundup

This week I've been getting to grips with Google+.  I really like it and sure I'll like it more once I crack how to use it properly.

Here's some of the posts I've found in my feed this week, which I have found both useful and interesting.  Let me know if you agree!

Buying Gifts From charity shops - posted on the blog

There's LOADS of thrifty tips on the February thrifty families blog carnival over at the Family Budgeting Blog

After reading this, I know I'm not suffering alone! Mediocre Mum's Working at Home post is funny and absolutely spot on!

And this post from A Thrifty Mrs has had me organising my wardrobe this week.  This is part of a series of posts on how to organise your life and I've find them really useful

I hope you click through and find some interesting new blogs to follow and if you're on Google+ leave me your details below so I can add you to my circles and see what you enjoy!

Have a fab Sunday!!

Claire :))

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Bubbly Pancake recipe

A bubbly pancake holds more filling - if you're a fan of the runny filling, that is!

Hers my foolproof pancake recipe.  Throw the first pancake away, it soaks up too much oil but perfectly primes the pan for a batch of perfect pancakes.


125g self raising flour
2 Tbsp caster sugar
1 beaten egg
225 ml milk


Sift flour and sugar
Beat egg
Add egg to dry mix whilst whisking on low with hand held electric whisk
Quickly add the milk bit by bit
Whisk until there's no lumps
Let it stand for 5 mins

The tricky bit

Get your pan hot hot, hot
Add a tiny bit of oil and swirl round
Put 1 ladle of batter in the pan and swirl round
The to side will be bubbly
Toss the pancake over.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Going Local

With the recent horse meat scandal, I have made the decision to go local and shop from the local butcher.  I think its only a matter of time before supermarket meat is called into question.

I don't have a problem with eating horse meat.  I eat cows, pigs, geese, ducks and iccle baby sheep so why not a horse?  I've eaten goat in Greece and it was delicious.  No doubt I've eaten horse now and I can't say I noticed a bad taste.

I do have a problem with labelling not being accurate.

And I have a major problem with food which may not be of a standard to enter the food chain being sold.  The latest scare is that the horse meat used contains anti inflamatories.  I dont want to feed that to my children.

So I'm buying local now.  I'll also shun the supermarket for fruit and vegetables by buying at the greengrocers.  I'll have to use the supermarket for some branded goods such as baby milk, nappies and lactofree products but I will keep my spend there to a minimum and trust my local shopkeepers to feed my family

Thursday, 7 February 2013

My Top 5 Double Duty Products

The best way to save money is not to spend it.  Sounds obvious but we still buy what we think we need. I save money by using products for more than one use. Here's my favourite double duty products Hair Conditioner Use instead of expensive, moisture promising shaving gels. Lavender Oil Use for a multitude of things.  Bath oil, to treat burns, in ironing water even as part of a postnatal bathing regime Milton Sterilising Fluid I use this to clean the dogs bowls.  I use it diluted to clean the floor and use it to clean Ice hockey kit. Newspaper After reading the daily rag, use it instead of a rag to dry windows and mirrors after wiping down.  You'll get a sparkling, smear free shine Face Cream After applying cream to your face, rub into your hands and save in hand cream There's loads more thrifty tips on the thrifty blog carnival - click the button and see! What are your favourite double duty products?

Friday, 1 February 2013

Upcycle and Cash In

The latest thing is upcycling, or as it used to be called, refurbishing.

Programmes like Kirstie's Home made series have made having old furniture in your home acceptable again and this is an ideal opportunity for you to generate some cash by giving an old peice of furniture a facelift then selling it.

Upcycle Furniture to Sell

Photo Credit:

If you don't have any furniture, scour the charity shops, house clearance places and,car boot sales.
The world is your oyster in terms of design.  To get the best price you can, try to copy a style that is popular in the interior design magazines

And if you're not crafty and need instruction, try these websites:

Daily Mail - upcycling tips
Easy Living Upcycling Guide
Kirstie Allsopp

Bear in mind why you are doing this and don't go overboard on materials to upcycle the furniture or you'll eat into your budget.

Then either sell your creations on a specialist website like Etsy, on Ebay or, and this is where you might get the best prices, at a local fair or market.

Don't forget to add your profits to your savings pot!!


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