Friday, 30 May 2014

So That Way May 2014

So after my declaration of this year will be my best financial year ever...I've not stopped working.  Literally, even over the second Bank Holiday Weekend.

I was bragging on the April round up that I was on my longest blogging run and that abruptly came to an end when I decided to follow the money rather than the blogging!

So, what happened to of May 2014?

I sponsored my own blog with the launch of

Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Lion King - Liverpool Empire

I bought tickets for The Lion King as soon as they went on sale for the touring production at the Liverpool Empire.

We had amazing seats.  Front row of the Circle in the middle next to the centre aisle.  The seats offer a fantastic view bit we did have to sit forward.  That said, the kids leaned on the wide barrier and loved looking down into the music pit and into the side bays full of African drums and instruments.

When the show starts, the

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Illuminasia - Blackpool Winter Gardens

Living in Blackpool is great if you love shows and events.  The Blackpool Winter Gardens latest big thing is Illuminasia, an indoor illumination exhibition.

Room 2 - Blackpool Winter Gardens Illuminasia

Firstly, it is nothing like the outdoor illuminations that Blackpool is famous for. It is a semi guided tour through the six rooms where there is interaction mainly by

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

4 Meals in 1 Hour

Time is of the essence at the moment and I managed to squeeze in a shop at Morrisons between my sons hospital appointment and my youngest son's baby signing class.

Just recently, I've been wasting meat as I've either not had the time to cook it or have forgotten to freeze it.  So today, instead of cooking tonight and tomorrows evening meals, I cooked

Monday, 19 May 2014

Meal Planning Monday - Doubling Up

I am guilty of serious blog neglect.  I am just so busy at the moment, the recession is certainly over for me.  I've had so many site starts it's untrue! Great, but I'm working out how to juggle everything.  I've also had work coming in from unexpected sources.  I've been recommended by two people I don't know and had a decent stream of work from People Per Hour.

Meal planning has gone right out the window.  We've just been grabbing food and never have we eaten so much takeaway in one week.  I've a strange week this week though so will have time to cook whilst at home between appointments.

Everything I do cook though will

Thursday, 15 May 2014

How To Choose A Good Tenant

Being a landlord sounds great, a lump of money out in your account every month and your property looked after while it's value is hopefully growing.

This is the case if you have a good tenant.

I've had some amazing tenants but I've also had a couple that had absolutely no respect for the place they live (or quite frankly themselves judging by the mess they left).  They both absconded.

So how do you find a good tenant?

1. Get the House Gleaming.  If it isn't up to

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

#Morrisons Mum - The Big £80 Shop

I'm so excited Brit Mums selected me as a #Morrisonsmum !

I'm lucky enough to live two miles from my towns flagship store and used to shop there without fail until I defected to Tesco because of home delivery and then later Aldi because of the lower prices.  When I shop at Aldi I do nip into Morrisons just to buy Lactrofree milk and cheese.

So this was a great opportunity for me to compare the new "I'm Cheaper" claims of Morrisons.

I was shopping for the week with £80 on a

Monday, 5 May 2014

Meal Planning Monday - The Bank Holiday Shop

Normally I avoid supermarkets like the plague over a bank holiday weekend but with one thing and another we ran the stocks down as much as we could and I had to bite the bullet and go on Bank Holiday Monday.

I've been selected by Brit Mums as a #MorrisonsMum to see how their declaration of lower prices stands up.  That's awholenother post but explains a little about this week's plan as

Friday, 2 May 2014

How To Survive a Sleepless Night Due to ... Children

If you've got kids, you'll know that sinking feeling when you have to drag your bones out of bed, just moments after you get in it.

The actual staying up with the child is not as difficult as it may sound, it's the following day that can be like walking through treacle with your head in a marshmallow.

I'm lucky and only have to do a through the night every month or so, my youngest child is actually a really good sleeper.

So this is how I survive the following day when all I want to do is get under my duvet.

1. Get a Warm Shower if You Can.  Not too hot, you'll go dopier and not too cold because that is just wrong!  A warm shower will wake you up some.

2.  Drink a Pint of Water.  Don't be tempted by coffee or an energy drink.  You'll have a sugar rush, peak and drop.  Drink water and I guarantee you'll feel better.

3.  Play! Preferably Outside in the Fresh Air. Remember you're child will also be tired.  They will tire quickly and then be ready for a sleep.  Playing passes time, stops you thinking "I just want to Sleeeeeeeeeep" and the fresh air will keep you going.

4. Eat little meals.  Your blood sugar will be all over.  Resist the temptation for chocolate and snacks.  Eat little things like a sandwich and have little meals that will just tide you over.  Your body is tired, it doesn't need to be digesting junk food.  also keep drinking water.

5.  Sleep if Your Child Sleeps.  There's a massive temptation to get stuff done when you've not got little hands hindering your work, but seriously, sleep.  You've had none and even a speed nap will improve you.  Don't forget to set an alarm if you have a school run to go on or an appointment.

How do you stay awake and get through the day after a night on the (kitchen) tiles?

Thursday, 1 May 2014

How to Get Your House Rental Ready

Being a Private Landlord in your head is ace.  You get paid, your home is looked after and you don't really do much.  Hmmm, it can be like that or it can be a right royal pain in the rear.

The first house I rented out was one I bought to live in.  There was a few things I needed to do before I could actually let the house out.  Legal things too!  Here's what you need to get done.

1.  Gas and Electricity Checks.  These are the most important as this is what you can go to prison for if it all goes

So That Was April 2014...

Well that month flew by!  It seems like only last week I was sighing a relief at the end of the tax year whilst being resolute and positive that this year will be my best financial year ever!!

I think its possibly my longest run of daily posts, although I fell at the final hurdle of the last week because I just got too busy at work.

So here's a round up of April 2014

We had a returning Blog Sponsor in the form of The Lancashire Wine School and I blogged about my new obsession with a posh tipple

The Ten Minute Tasks got my home nearer a heavenly like standard of cleanliness with...

Cleaning the Washing Machine

Cleaning the Front Door

Cleaning the Bannisters

Cleaning the Can Cupboard

(I do actually realise how dull this makes me sound!) 

I gave my 12 year old a money challenge - and I've just noticed I've only published week 1's results.  I shall furiously tap away after this with the final result!!

April was the month I tried to adopt cooking the shopping as soon as I get it home!  See how I do that and save bags of time on this meal planning post.  Not to spoil the surprise or anything, but it worked really well so I did it again the following week, then had a freezer restock cooking day.

I've had some real rants this month including Stupid Things My Council Does and how I think free school breakfasts are completely wrong

Money related posts this month include How to Get Maximum Ebay Prices and Getting Your Money Making Mojo going.  The post about how to work out supermarket deals was a really popular one as was my Top 5 Thrifty Blogs.

I've joined quite a few linky's this month, A Day in The Life over at MummyPinkWellies and my post about Easter Activities where I suggest a day at a graveyard as a cheap day out for the kids!  (Seriously, just read it, it's better than it sounds!)

There's not been much crafting going on, just my using my Project Life binder for Meal Planning!  And I've only managed to post one Recipe for Gluten Free Meat and Potato Pie.

We've only had the one review this month as well, and it wasn't even for me!! It was Little Plums Little Yums.  Although I do eat them with a bit of Philly on and they are lovely. 

So that was April 2014!!  How did you find it?

My goals for May are as usual to save save save add add new income streams and as for the blog, as it is the 5th month, each post will be a How To with 5 crucial steps to success.  

Have a wonderful May 2014!!



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