Monday, 17 February 2014

Meal Planning Monday - Freezer February Week Three!!

If you've read my previous freezer February posts you'll know I'm trying to empty the freezer because it is chokka full of bits and pieces.

Each drawer is STILL about half full and I need to get creative with the contents now. It's half term now so I'm hoping I can get some lunches out of it and get it emptied!!!

This is this week's plan

Monday: fish pie made of the mystery fish I forgot to label

Tuesday: mince plate pie and boiled potatoes

Wednesday: potato and chicken curry

Thursday: tacos with chilli

Friday: toad in the hole and mash

Saturday: take away

Sunday: mystery beef steak with peppercorn sauce

There's loads more meal plans over at Mrs Ms Blog.  There's some amazing plans on a tight budget

Have a good week!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Meal Planning Monday - Freezer February Week 2

If you read last weeks meal plan post you'll know I'm on a freezer emptying mission, mainly because it's full to bursting and really annoyingly disorganised.

So last week was the first week of freezer eating and it's not made a dent in it - its still full and messier.

This weeks freezer fodder looks like this...

Monday: Cannonni using the frozen cannaloni mix

Tuesday: Chicken and potato curry

Wednesday:  Spag Bol

Thursday: Steak and Kidney with Chips

Friday: Fish (could be haddock, could be cod, could be basa, I didn't label the bag), Chips and peas

Saturday: Take Away

Sunday: Chilli in tacos with savoury rice.

Hopefully this will free up a drawer but it will also certainly save some dosh for the holiday fund.

Could you live out of your freezer for a while?  How long?  Is mine ridiculously overstocked?

There's loads more meal plan ideas over at Mrs M's blog and they probably feature fresh food!!

Have a fab week!!


Friday, 7 February 2014

Not Enough Women in the Job

After hearing repeatedly in the news yesterday about there not being enough women working in science, I feel the need to vent.

I do a man's job, typically an old man's job at that, and I hope I have got every position because I am the best candidate not to fill a quota.

Do we ever see reports of there's not enough male nurses?

People do the job they do because they either want to or have to.

Simple as that.

Things should be taken at face value and journalists, male or female, should try harder to find a story.

What do you think?

Vent over. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Paying my Next bill with Wool

So, if you've read yesterday's post, you'll understand how I'm really going for this.

I was a little disappointed to receive my next bill as usually it's for about £20. I then remembered that before Christmas I forgot my debit card so bunged a bit of Christmas shopping on it to the tune of £200.


They are getting use out of their onesies though and it saves me loads in washing and ironing!! :-)

So, it needs paying off hasta pronto and I mean like in a week, because it's bugging me because I didn't think it was there.

I'm taking the Mortgage Free in Three advice of breaking down the amount into 100 chunks. 
I'm already 30 squares in.

£20 from my penny jar
£4 from making dinner not buying it yesterday
£30 from eating from the freezer and not shopping
£6 from not getting popcorn and a drink at the cinema

So that's £60 without much effort!!

I've just listed my wool stockpile on eBay. There's 60 balls so a potential £60 there as I've priced them to sell.

I don't have the time (or skill!!) to knit and crochet and its taking up space I need.  So it needs to go.

Please do go and have a look and bag a bargain!!

Do can I do it? £140 by this time next week?

I'm off to make sell some cufflinks to make sure I do!!

Recommended Reading - Mortgage Free In Three

I have not been approached nor paid to write the following recommendation - I have expressed my opinion as this blog has helped me massively over the last few years.

My favourite blog of all time has to be Mortgage Free in Three which follows Elaine's journey from debt to paying off her mortgage.

I have aspired many times to pay off my mortgage only to become distracted by not watching money or booking a holiday (or three, maybe four?!)

Elaine gives loads of advice, ideas and methods of saving money. 

The key that has changed my mindset is the 10 x 10 square.  She can explain a million times better than I can so click on the link!! (basically, break your target down into 100 units and cross them off one at a time)

So jump on board...have a read and to Elaine - a million thankyous x

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

February 2014 Goals

So January wasn't the roaring success I'd hoped for as I acheived 1 out of 5 of my goals.

I honestly thought I would be able to achieve 5 things!!  Clearly not!!

So I'm less optimistic and more realistic this month with just 3 goals.

1.  To have lunches prepared the night before (yes I know this was a January goal, but I need to achieve it!) Last month this manifested itself as being school ready the night before and I am, except the packed lunch.

2.  To wipe round the bathroom on a daily basis  I don't actually do to bad at this one, I'm lax at weekends and I need to up it to a daily routine.

3.  To organise the Kitchen drawers over the course of the month. I did one yesterday.  I don't need 37 medicine spoons.  Its this kind of task that keeps me sane.  I have done the medicine cupboard and it is beautiful!!

Seriously, I need some encouragement here, so please leave a comment!!

Meal Planning Monday - Freezer February Week 1

I've got a seriously overflowing freezer and a serious organising project going on so this week were eating frozen.
Things have got disorganised over Christmas and it really needs reining back on to save my sanity, I dint even know what is in the freezer!!
So we'll take it from the top!  The top drawer that is and eat down.
Monday - lasagne
Tuesday - cod in parsley sauce with mash
Wednesday - chicken tikka masala and rice
Thursday - cola ham and chips
Friday - broccoli cheese and chicken pasta bake
Saturday - take away
Sunday - Full English
This should also have the added benefit of saving us at least £50 from not having to shop all I'll allocate that to this month's money saving project - the holiday fund 2014.
There's loads more planning over At Home With Mrs M
Hope you have a good week!
Claire :-)


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