Me, My Blog and I


I'm a 30 something mum of 2 boys, running a health and safety consultancy and a craft business from home.

I strive to be the perfect housewife and I probably always will!

I believe life is for living and we need to make the most of it, hence my scrimping where I need to to afford the finer things in life.

I must thank my friends for their support as every funny story is true.  Don't worry, I'll never name you!

My Blog

Home organisation is my latest obsession followed by crafting and saving money.

I am happy to review products or services, write an honest opinion and provide advertising opportunities if they meet with my theme and will be of interest to my readers.

Not all reviews on my site have been as a result of products or services being offered free.  Many are just my opinion of products or services I have bought and I include them as nothing goes further than a recommendation.


So, if you'd like to get in touch, my email is or you can tweet me @Claire_Sheehan

More information on advertising and sponsored posts can be found on the Advertising page

Thanks for visiting!


1 comment:

  1. Sounds like we have a lot in common, can't beat the champagne lifestyle on a budget! I shall add you to my reading list and look forward to your posts x



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