Friday, 31 January 2014

January 2014 Goals - How Did I Do?

Remember back in January when I decided enough was enough on the disorganisation front?

My Determined to Achieve Goals Face

Well I  decided to set goals with the aim of making my life run more smoothly.

So did it work?  Did I stick to the goals?

Here's a reminder of what they were...and how I did

Here's my goals for January 2014
To make a meal plan for the month and stick to it
           I made a massive six week plan - and managed to stick to it for 4 days
To do one shop and a top up shop each week
          I avoided shopping at all costs - There was certainly a few top up shops
To be school ready before I go to bed each night
          This went quite well for a couple of weeks - then making the dinner was my downfall
To tidy everything away before I go to bed each night
          I think I did actually do this probably 5 nights out of 7
To iron the same day the clothes are washed
        Now this I DID DO!!!!!  Amazingly as I hate ironing with a passion.  Some loads got ironed the following day, but all laundry was washed, dried, ironed AND put away within 24 hours of it going in the washer!!! (So proud!!)
So I achieved one out of five really.  Not good enough and the last couple of weeks have been disorganised again.  Time to pull my socks up for February and try a realistic plan that I can achieve!!
PS - Are you still on track with your January goals?   Please let me know, I need hope that it can be done!!

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