Sunday, 19 October 2014

Morrisons and More Card

So, my nearest supermarket is Morrisons and I was delighted to hear that they have finally got some sort of reward card thing going on.

Except they haven't.

The card accumulates points, in a rather complicated way, I think when your comparable shop is cheaper elsewhere.  So if it's 79p cheaper somewhere else then you'll get 790 points.  You need to get to 5000 points to get a £5 voucher.  There is no reward for the amount you spend in there like Tesco Clubcard do.  

The fuel reward card has now been moved to be the same account as your price matching points.  So you get 10 points for every litre of fuel purchased.  However, I think you used to get 15 points for each litre before the switch and there is a cap on points you can only earn points on 80 litres of fuel per week.  So you can only get a maximum of 800 points per week on fuel.  That I'm not happy about at all as some weeks I can go through 100 litres of petrol so will probably use Tesco for fuel to get the points there.  (I haven't checked if they have a limit, but I will do!!)

There's also bonus points around the store to be had.  These are highlighted on the front of the shelf so it's clear to see where you can boost your points balance.  

My opinion of the card is that its ok.  It wouldn't make me shop there as I didn't see a reduction in the price of my last two weekly shops and its no incentive to me to put my price matching difference "in a bank" to get £5.  I'd rather go to Tesco for the price promise voucher that feels more like actual money to me.

By far the best thing about the change is the smartphone App.  It tells you where the bonuses are and the items that are reduced that week.  It's a dream app for the couponer!  I cross checked the app with Clicksnap and Shopitise on Saturday and I made £3.05 from Shopitize from buying just 8 items.  It also meant the price of Original Source shower gel was 45p.  Not something I usually buy, buy hey, it's nice, does the job and was cheaper than the rest!!

So I've not got much of an opinion on the Morrisons and More card yet.  Being cynical I think it may have loads of boosts on at the moment to get it going and off the ground but I think around Christmas these will be few and far between.

You can read the FAQ's on the Morrisons and More Scheme here.

Let me know in the comments what you think and which reward/price match schemes you feel are the best.  

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