Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Only Way is Organised

I'm known for being late, I'm always rushing, usually bad tempered and lose so much stuff it's untrue.
And I've had enough.
I never find the time to do everything I want to do and don't have the show home I'm arriving to have.
So things are going to change.
I've looked at what needs doing and the time I have to do it in and also seen how much money being disorganised is costing.
And the result is a new blog dedicated to sharing the way I make my life run smoothly on a budget and My Cava Lifestyle will continue but with less of the bossy stuff!
On the first of January I will be on a year long journey to getting my life in order (I'm not dying by the way, just going insane with the disorganization).  I'll be posting monthly missions to help myself on track and linking to downloads to make organisation easy.  I'll also be using pintrest (or Pin Interest to a certain bf!) a whole lot more, combining one of the things I want to do with something I need to do.
So cheers to 2013 - you've taught me a lot and inspired be to change.

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