Monday, 10 February 2014

Meal Planning Monday - Freezer February Week 2

If you read last weeks meal plan post you'll know I'm on a freezer emptying mission, mainly because it's full to bursting and really annoyingly disorganised.

So last week was the first week of freezer eating and it's not made a dent in it - its still full and messier.

This weeks freezer fodder looks like this...

Monday: Cannonni using the frozen cannaloni mix

Tuesday: Chicken and potato curry

Wednesday:  Spag Bol

Thursday: Steak and Kidney with Chips

Friday: Fish (could be haddock, could be cod, could be basa, I didn't label the bag), Chips and peas

Saturday: Take Away

Sunday: Chilli in tacos with savoury rice.

Hopefully this will free up a drawer but it will also certainly save some dosh for the holiday fund.

Could you live out of your freezer for a while?  How long?  Is mine ridiculously overstocked?

There's loads more meal plan ideas over at Mrs M's blog and they probably feature fresh food!!

Have a fab week!!



  1. I can always live out of my freezer, as long as I don't mind chicken nuggets and potato products lol x

  2. I am doing just that this week apart from a Lamb joint I'm hoping to get 2 to 3 dinners from x

  3. My freezer is always overfilled despite my best efforts - it's definitely not just you!

  4. I am actually really good with my freezer I only buy what I actually need for the week I used to be stocked up then buying more stuff every week it gets silly and throwing things away I refuse to do it anymore a great week of meals xx

  5. I so need to empty my freezer....One of those jobs I hate!

  6. Our freezer isn't that big but when we fill it we fill it and it does last for a long time, we are currently living out of ours as well to be honest, and are not making big dents in it at all xx



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