Tuesday, 4 February 2014

February 2014 Goals

So January wasn't the roaring success I'd hoped for as I acheived 1 out of 5 of my goals.

I honestly thought I would be able to achieve 5 things!!  Clearly not!!

So I'm less optimistic and more realistic this month with just 3 goals.

1.  To have lunches prepared the night before (yes I know this was a January goal, but I need to achieve it!) Last month this manifested itself as being school ready the night before and I am, except the packed lunch.

2.  To wipe round the bathroom on a daily basis  I don't actually do to bad at this one, I'm lax at weekends and I need to up it to a daily routine.

3.  To organise the Kitchen drawers over the course of the month. I did one yesterday.  I don't need 37 medicine spoons.  Its this kind of task that keeps me sane.  I have done the medicine cupboard and it is beautiful!!

Seriously, I need some encouragement here, so please leave a comment!!


  1. I need to get better organised with the bathroom, the kids make such a mess, why can't they spit the toothpaste down the plughole? So I have bought some wipes to go over it daily and a proper clean at weekends x

  2. Well having read my blog I need to just get organised full stop! Lol come on you can do it xx



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