Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Stop Nuisance Calls

I am absolutely sick to the back teeth of stopping working to answer the phone to a call centres. I'm more sick of hearing my next door neighbour's phone ringing throughout the day. Why does that bother me? Because they have dementia and I know they are call centre calls.

Most are recorded messages that clog up the answerphone. The rest are hard to understand foreign call centres. All calls are hard to understand when you have dementia.

The number of calls have increased over the year. I would say the phone rings at least hourly. The number is registered with TPS (the telephone preference service) and when I have taken the caller to task about this, I am informed that companies do not have to use TPS. So I politely (it pains me) request the number is not called again and they either hang up or agree. More often that not though, they call back.

So I've done a bit of research on the Alzheimer's Society Website and come across this product. The device plugs in between the phone socket and the actual phone. It can be set up to block up to 1200 numbers and can be used remotely, which means I can take the cordless phone next door for a week and just press #2 to block the calls and immediately reduce the distress of my Mother in Law.

Secretly, I am loving this because of the satisfaction I will get from hitting that big red button!!

I can see me buying one of these for our phone and even as christmas gifts as who wouldn't want to send the call centres a big fat unobtainable code?!

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