Saturday, 2 June 2012

Help!! Party Bag Inspiration Needed!!

There's a birthday on the horizon and I like to go all out. But really I need to try harder on the scrimping side of things.

When my eldest was 5 I remember doing personalised party bags. I bought personalised key rings and pencils and each child had something they would love in the bag.

In hindsight, I was probably the most touched by this gesture! And it certainly cost a fortune on top of hiring the playbarn.

So, I need your help. What can I put in these darned obligatory party bags with will be

A) great & please the kids
B) cheap

By cheap I suppose I mean cost effective. I absolutely don't mean dirt cheap crap.

So far I've come up with

1) A fabric party bag with their name sewn on (I've loads of scraps to make these so no cost here)

2) A piece of the home made birthday cake

Erm...that's it.

So, ideas anyone?!

What have you put in party bags that the kids have loved?


*photo courtesy of the uber talented Katherine Emblin at Pendger Celebrations, Lytham


@thatfacepainter, genius that she is, has come up with...

Elastic bead bracelets
Those little plane kits
Personalised chocolate bars (normal bars rewrapped)

So...anymore ideas?! Keep em coming!!

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