Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Renewed Enthusiasm

This blog originally started years ago when I watched the BBC2 programme Pay Off Your Mortgage in 2 Years.

I loved the programme and decided that was what I would do.

Clearly, I was sidetracked somewhere along the way as about 7 years later, it's still lingering.

But t'other day, I happened across the. Blog Mortgage Free in Three. It's fab! It's renewed my enthusiasm and I'm ready to give it another shot.

Co-incidentally, my rental property has just been vacated (in the night without notice tut tut!) and I've seen this as another sign to seriously get shut of the mortgage. By putting the rent up!

I'll be paying the mortgage whilst it's empty. How I regret not paying the damn thing off all those years ago.

So tomorrow, I'll be spreadsheeting!! Working out my incomings and outgoings and seeing how much per month I can afford to overpay.

I'll keep you posted on what I'm doing to reach my goal and would appreciate a few "keep going"'s and "erm...what are you doing?....remember the plan" comments along the way, if you don't mind.

The Ever So Slightly Daunted Claire

PS - 2 bed furnished semi, big garden & driveway 3 miles from Preston City Centre if you're looking for a new abode!

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