Saturday, 30 June 2012

How To Clean an Ice Hockey Kit

If you, like me, live with an Ice Hockey Kit, you'll appreciate how much it can reek.

Have you seen the Febreeze advert where the Azerbyjan Wrestling Teams kit is reportedly smelling like strawberries? Well I can assure you an ice hockey kit smells worse than a wrestlers....cossie!

It seemed the norm that the players just leave their kits and throw them on at the next match. Well, not in this house.

Most of the kit won't fit in the washer, that's the problem. But it will fit in the bath.

So, cold water and copious amounts of Milton will leave kit smelling of, not strawberries, nothing. I leave it to soak for about 4 hours. Poking it periodically. The main offenders are gloves and leg pads and if they keep floating up, a puck (usually found lurking in a corner of the stink bag) will weigh them down to keep them soaking.

It's fab. It kills the bacteria that's making the stench and everyone is happy!

I then leave the kit to drain in the shower then throw on the trampoline on a sunny day.

Et Voila! No more stench from the kit bag and a man that doesn't smell like sweat or strawberries!

So, What's your smelly bug bear?

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