Sunday, 24 March 2013

Home Made Ready Meal Planning

My masterplan of cooking and freezing in order to escape the mundanity of cooking every day is working fabulously well!!  And We're saving a FORTUNE as we're just not wasting food!

I've done a three week plan and I'm adding in anything we miss, such as we had takeaway (yes! really!  Surprising, I know!)  instead of Chilli last week so that Chilli meal will be put in the next empty slot in three weeks time.  Doing it so far in advance is easier than doing a week plan and cooking as you go.  I can highly recommend being organised!!

So here's the plan for this week....(Monday has changed already as we've loads of leftover mash from tonights toad in the hole so potato cakes are a necessity)

Monday: Potato Cakes, Beans and Bacon
Potato cakes made the night before and refrigerated
Prepped at same time as potato cakes
Wednesday: Jambalaya
All raw ingredients defrosted and put in slow cooker
Thursday: Crispy Salmon Fillet in a Tomato Sauce
A Gino D'ACampo Recipe, prepped and frozen raw.
Will bake from frozen in oven
Good Friday: Vegetable Chilli
Defrosted and cooked on hob
Saturday:  Takeaway No Doubt
Easter Sunday: Meatballs and Spaghetti
Defrosted and cooked in slow cooker

There's loads more (usually about 50) meal plans on At Home With Mrs M 
Go over and have a read, add yours if you have a meal plan.


  1. Love this leftovers idea! I try to cook enough lunch for leftovers, sometimes i end up with 2/3 and freeze them in advance. recently I've been cooking extra of what ever carb i have and then having it with salad for lunch - trying to be healthy!
    Looking forward to the photos and report!

    1. I usually make at least 2 batches and freeze a meal. I wish I had a decent sized freezer so I could do it more. I'm finding the leftover lunches a godsend with the frantic school run although all the today got eaten today so its sandwiches tomorrow and it even interesting ones!

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. What is a angry bird bento?

    Fishcakes possibly with leftoverfish?


    1. Ooh! Brill idea! Ta very much!

      An angry bird Bento is

      Although I'm sure mine won't be as good. I googled it at there are done works of art. Japanese kids must have the most amazing lunch boxes!

  3. Wow - a three week plan, that is SERIOUS organisation skills at work! And the meals sound gorgeous too. Enjoy your week.


    1. All this organising is possibly, slightly out of control!! I think it's a good thing but I'm getting slightly obsessive!



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