Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Key Stage 2 SATS Revision

I'm not going to force my child to revise nor do I particularly put much value on their SATs results.

It's not that I don't want my child to do well, nor is it that I don't care.  It's that the pressure being heaped on the year six children is getting absolutely ridiculous.

I was first naffed off with it when I attended the SATs parents talk back in October, when we were told... (yes told....)

"Your child needs to know their times tables and needs to be able to recall them fast as they've only 45 minutes to do a test.  When they are on the toilet, stand at the bottom of the stairs and shout up various sums for them to shout the answer back."

Come on. 


Can't an 11 year old have a s*** in peace?

In the same sermon, meeting we were told that us as parents really need to help our children along as some year six children don't know the difference between a circle and a triangle.

Personally, I see that as a school failing.  After six and a half years of being a pupil in the school, if the teachers haven't been able to teach the difference, then surely they are failing, not the parents. 

Needless to say, I didn't buy the revision books nor did I force my child to revise last week for the practice SATs this week.

A child is as capable as they are.  The majority of schools are non-selective.  They don't rely on SATs results to offer places.  The only reason primary schools are pushing is to up their results up the league tables.  Any streaming of children in year 7 is reassessed after 3 months so there really is no need to hammer the children like they would be on the scrapheap if they don't get high marks.

The final straw was when I heard of a child developing alopecia as a result of the pressure being mounted on them by the school.

It is unfair and ridiculous.  Life is stressful enough.  Let kids be kids as long as they can be.  (and let poor teaching shine through)

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