Monday, 18 March 2013

Meal Planning Monday - Fresh Freezer Food Week

I've been quiet on the meal planning front as I'm in the throes of getting every aspect of my life organised!  An extra child has really thrown me and things were starting to get even more haphazard and last minute than usual, so I'm setting up systems and routines to make sure things run more smoothly.

So, the meal planning has had a massive overhaul.  The freezer in the garage has been fired up and I've planned a month in advance.  I'm having cooking days where I prep several meals and freeze them so I can just grab and cook which is saving me at least an hour everyday.  Some meals I'm freezing raw, ready to defrost then bung in the slow cooker and some I'm fully cooking and just need to bung in the oven.

So here's this weeks plan...

Hairy Dieters Steak & Ale Pie
Slow Cooked Chicken Casserole
Steak & Chips with Onions and Mushrooms
Possibly a home made curry
Probably a take away curry
Toad in the Hole
Do you utilise your freezer to the max?  What meals do you find taste good after freezing?
Let me know and have a fab week!


  1. The curry comment made me laugh - I am just the same.

    I posted on freezer meals the other day as Im stocking up for new baby - may be some ideas for you?

    L x

  2. I've always failed at lasagne freezing, so I'll try it part baked.

    I should have stocked up pre-baby, now I'm batch cooking like a maniac post-baby!

    Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Sounds like a great plan, something I think I am going to look into for myself!



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