Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Lion King - Liverpool Empire

I bought tickets for The Lion King as soon as they went on sale for the touring production at the Liverpool Empire.

We had amazing seats.  Front row of the Circle in the middle next to the centre aisle.  The seats offer a fantastic view bit we did have to sit forward.  That said, the kids leaned on the wide barrier and loved looking down into the music pit and into the side bays full of African drums and instruments.

When the show starts, the
magic begins with puppets so expertly operated that you just see the animals!  The opening cries of Raffiki demand everyone's attention and we were lost in live Disney action.

I really wouldn't want to spoil the show as they're are funny one liners from Zazu throughout and the ever popular Timon and Pumba are hilarious! 
For me, the African singers and dancers stole the show and I was bobbing around throughout the show.

The cost of refreshments at the Liverpool Empire is no more or less than any other theatre in the North West bit fit the first time, I was emailed the option to order pre-show and intermission drinks online prior to the event which was great. 

I found the merchandise to be good quality and affordable.  A large Simba teddy was £25 with a smaller version for sale at £15.  There was a souvenir for every budget though with pencil cases and keyrings for just £5.
The show was amazing and is one that you can watch several times and see loads of new animals, puppetry and effects.  Actually the lighting and scenes must be mentioned as they are fabulous and really take you to Africa.
We'll be back again, both to experience the Lion King magic and the hospitality of the Empire.  It really was a night to remember and talk about for years to come.

We paid full price for our tickets, we were not approached by anyone associated with the show or the Liverpool Empire to write this review.  It is completely independent and the views are my own.

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