Friday, 30 May 2014

So That Way May 2014

So after my declaration of this year will be my best financial year ever...I've not stopped working.  Literally, even over the second Bank Holiday Weekend.

I was bragging on the April round up that I was on my longest blogging run and that abruptly came to an end when I decided to follow the money rather than the blogging!

So, what happened to of May 2014?

I sponsored my own blog with the launch of
my Groundworker specific Health and Safety site - Don't all rush at once, you'll crash the server!!

Shameless Plug

The Ten Minute Tasks got completely forgotten and my home was cleaned on a very necessary basis

 I focussed on being a Landlord but didn't get chance to finish my 4 part series.  The first and third parts focussed on How to Get your House Rental Ready and How to Choose a Good Tenant

Another unfinished project was about lack of sleep as I suffered with this a lot this month and had a couple of head cracking tension headaches as a result.  I blogged about losing sleep due to ill children. 

I didn't post a meal plan each week nor did I actually have a plan as I just did not have time to do it.  I rectified this one week to the extreme of being up all night, going to work, shopping then cooking 4 meals in one hour!

Potato Hash, Spag Bol and Steak and Kidney if you were wondering?

I was selected as a #Morrisonsmum by Brit Mums so blogged about my shopping and my doubling up meal plan (again due to lack of time) I actually got more for my money as I knew I had to blog about it!

I've had some real rants this month including Stupid Things My Council Does and how I think free school breakfasts are completely wrong

I didn't post any money related posts this month but I have posted a couple of reviews The Lion King at Liverpool Empire and Illuminasia at Blackpool Winter Gardens.  One good. One Bad.  You'll have to read them!

So that was my May 2014!!  I hope yours was less stressful!

My goals for June are to hammer the savings as the Summer Holidays is round the corner and that means spending so much.  I also want to get back into blogging regularly with top 5 style posts as I epically failed on that goal for May!

Have a wonderful June 2014!!


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