Monday, 3 September 2012

Meal Planning Monday - 03/09

After the hectic summer hols, I'm getting back on track & resuming life.

So after frantic reading of several cookbooks this morning, this is the plan...

Monday: The Hairy Dieters Lamb Hotpot

Tuesday: Gino De Campo's Three Bean Chilli & Rice

Wednesday: Slow Roasted Sun Dried Tomato Beef & Pesto Roasties

Thursday: The Hairy Dieters Paprika Chicken

Friday: Annabel Karmel's Chicken Burgers

Saturday: Hey, Hey, Takeaway!!

Sunday: Spaghetti Bolognaise from the freezer

I am determined to stick to this plan (for the first time ever!!) so determined in fact that tomorrow's chilli has already been cooked.

There's more meal plans over on At Home With Mrs M if you are looking for more meal inspiration.


  1. What are the calories like in the hairy dieters meals? Sound delicious :)

  2. The lamb Hotpot is 438 but I wasn't impressed & had to add extra gravy.

    The paprika chicken is 282 without any rice or potatoes. I've not tried that yet.

    Their cottage pie is delish and is 322 cals.

    Gino's chilli is low at 141 cals & it serves 8 so there's a freezer meal in it as well!!

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