Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Sunday Roundup

This week I've been getting to grips with Google+.  I really like it and sure I'll like it more once I crack how to use it properly.

Here's some of the posts I've found in my feed this week, which I have found both useful and interesting.  Let me know if you agree!

Buying Gifts From charity shops - posted on the blog

There's LOADS of thrifty tips on the February thrifty families blog carnival over at the Family Budgeting Blog

After reading this, I know I'm not suffering alone! Mediocre Mum's Working at Home post is funny and absolutely spot on!

And this post from A Thrifty Mrs has had me organising my wardrobe this week.  This is part of a series of posts on how to organise your life and I've find them really useful

I hope you click through and find some interesting new blogs to follow and if you're on Google+ leave me your details below so I can add you to my circles and see what you enjoy!

Have a fab Sunday!!

Claire :))

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