Tuesday, 19 February 2013

8 World Book Day Costumes for Over 8's

February half term is in my opinion a week off for children to make their own fancy dress outfit for World Book Day.

In reality, it is the week that I forget to make the costumes as I'm chauffeuring my children round whilst tipping the contents of my purse out at every stop.

So, here's costumes that are easy to make for that difficult "I'm not dressing up" age.

Greg Heffley from Diary of the Wimpy Kid
Baseball Boots, blue jeans, white T-Shirt, Hoodie and hair Gel for the trademark propeller parting

Hermionie Grainger from Harry Potter
Black Victorian style boots, thick grey tights, kilt, grey wooly polo neck jumper, satchel, wand and hair brushed out.

Jared From The Spiderwick Chronicles
Baseball boots, jeans, tshirt and stripy red cardigan.  Satchel and big book.

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz
Red shoes, white tights, blue gingham dress, white tshirt. Hair in plaits.

Dennis The Menace
Red and black stripy top or jumper, black shorts, black boots, catapult and hair spiked.

Horrid Henry
Trainers, brown trousers, blue rugby shirt with yellow stripe, hair messed up.

Where's Wally or Wenda (how funny would this be if the whole class were Wallys and Wendas!)
Stripy tops, blue bottoms and glasses.

Tracey Beaker
Pretty much any clothes teamed,with lots of black hair

What will your little darlings be dressing up as?

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