Friday, 1 February 2013

Upcycle and Cash In

The latest thing is upcycling, or as it used to be called, refurbishing.

Programmes like Kirstie's Home made series have made having old furniture in your home acceptable again and this is an ideal opportunity for you to generate some cash by giving an old peice of furniture a facelift then selling it.

Upcycle Furniture to Sell

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If you don't have any furniture, scour the charity shops, house clearance places and,car boot sales.
The world is your oyster in terms of design.  To get the best price you can, try to copy a style that is popular in the interior design magazines

And if you're not crafty and need instruction, try these websites:

Daily Mail - upcycling tips
Easy Living Upcycling Guide
Kirstie Allsopp

Bear in mind why you are doing this and don't go overboard on materials to upcycle the furniture or you'll eat into your budget.

Then either sell your creations on a specialist website like Etsy, on Ebay or, and this is where you might get the best prices, at a local fair or market.

Don't forget to add your profits to your savings pot!!

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