Monday, 18 February 2013

Meal planning Monday

No plan last week due to the Chicken Pox, it was a wing it week.

This week is half term so its all about slow cooking, one pots and the freezer

Monday - shepherds pie from the freezer
Tuesday - quinoa curry
Wednesday - Italian slow roast
Thursday - vegetable chilli tacos
Friday - spag bol for us, spaghetti tacos for the boys

Bit of a rushed post today - There are loads more meal plans over on Mrs M's Blog ( and I mean - loads! )

What one pots and slow cooker meals do you love?


  1. I LOVE quinoa and quinoa in curry is a particular fave. There's something very satisfying about finding all the different dishes you can stuff it into!

  2. It does,work well in anything and bulks things up when the fridge is looking bare.

    The frugal dieters best friend!



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