Monday, 11 November 2013

Meal Planning Monday - clear out week

Christmas is coming and I want to spend a small fortune at the Manchester Christmas markets so something's got to give and that something is food!!
The freezer is rammed and the fridge needs cleaning so it's killing three birds with one stone.  Here's what we're on for the coming week...
Pizza and frozen chips
Spag Bol (from the freezer)
Jacket Potatoes, beans and cheese
Beef curry from frozen stewing steak and a jar from the lurking place in the cupboard
Fish cakes, frozen chips and peas
Baked Gluten Free chilli con carne (frozen in a tray and defrosted in a low oven - nicer than nuked or heated in a pan)
Bangers and mash
I know there's no take away in there but I've eaten it so much that I really have gone off it, although we are dying to sample the fayre at Micheals Indian Restaurant in Blackpool.  It looks gorgeous from the outside and the take away we had was gourmet. 
There's loads more meal plans over at At Home With Mrs M so meal planning does not need to be a chore, let someone else do the work, some even have shopping lists for petes sake!!  It can't be easier!  Shop Smart - Save Money Time and Waste!
So how much could you save if you ate up your stored food?  And what would you do with the spare cash?  Yes, as I thought you would spend it at a Christmas Market, wouldn't you?!


  1. I sooooo need to have a clear out week. I reckon we could eat for about 3 weeks only buying fresh veg and milk.

  2. I need to have a clear out week soon too....I could probably eat for a good few weeks if we just ate out of the

  3. I do love a food freezer clear out, before xmas.......but your freezer sounds much better stocked than mine! Lol x



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