Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sorry for the interruption in service!

Well, doesn't time fly! 
I've no excuse for not keeping the blog updated other than I don't seem to have enough time in the day to get through the essentials.
Work is hectic, the end of the housing slump does appear to be nigh and it always seems to be Friday.  Not that that is a bad thing! 
So, the money saving projects have gone awry. Well, completely off track actually but come today, they are back on track!!  Monday's meal planning post is using what we have in already to save £80 and empty the teeny tiny freezer to make way for some batch cooking and Christmas prep.
One of my main reasons for blogging is to keep me on track on the things I need to do.  Sounds mental, adding another task to make sure I do a list of tasks as long as my arm but it works.  I need to keep reading blogs such as Mortgage Free in Three to keep me on the money saving crusade, A Thrifty Mrs to keep my house clean and I'm now a Pinterest addict which makes me want to craft and organise parties!)
So, I intend to blog craft projects which save money and give me crafting satisfaction but time will tell if I actually do (or if anyone reads them!)
So, start as I mean to go on....I shall do my meal planning and shopping lists right now!!
PS - I do need pestering - please pester - leave comments, tweet me @claire_sheehan, mither me!!  The odd "how much have you saved today?" prod would me a massive help!!

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