Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Organising The Home errr Organising

So, I mentioned last week in this post that I am trying to get obsessive about cleaning. 
Not WORK organisation!! HOME organisation!!
Well I seem to have become obsessed with organising, so I'm sure this is the first step and the cleaning obsession will follow.
This really has come from the sheer frustration of not being able to find things and from not knowing when appointments are. 
Breaking it down
So, being the top organiser I now am, I have split the house into two rooms to clean per day
1. Porch, downstairs bathroom, hall, stairs and landing
2. Kitchen and living room
3. Dining room and bathroom
4. Both kids rooms
5. Our bedroom and the car
6. Front and back gardens including Windows
And I'll give myself Sundays off I think!
The Timing
So now in my head it's a manageable chunk, I need to make sure it doesn't turn into something unachievable so I'm spending no longer than 45 minutes on each of my two rooms each day.  So I'm spending no longer than an hour and a half cleaning each day.  That way, nothing else well be neglected and as the weeks go on, the rooms will become more organised and cleaner so my plan is to eventually only spend an hour a day cleaning.
Then maybe, I shall have the time to devise ascend discover more money and time saving habits!!
Do I sound insane, by the way?

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