Monday, 18 November 2013

Meal Planning Monday - Raid the Freeezer Week

Well, after my success of following my clear out meal plan last week in an attempt to save £80 for a trip to the Christmas Markets, I'm glad to say is was a success with £70 saved!!

Unfortunately, I then realised I need to pay the next installment for a school trip so here we go again trying to save the shopping budget by eating through the freezer.  it needs emptying anyway in time for Christmas!

Meal Planning Ideas

So, looking at my list of what is in the black hole I call the freezer, we are on...

Hairy Dieters Steak and Ale Pie over a Jacket Potato

Levi Roots Carribean Curry
(I froze this to not waste some chicken and to use the cook in sauce I got for £1 with a coupon!)

Fish Cakes, Chips and Peas

Meatballs and spaghetti in home made pasta sauce

Bangers and Mash


Fish pie made from the Haddock and Salmon lingering in the bottom drawer

So hopefully all I need to buy this week is fresh veg, milk, bread and potatoes.  Everything else I should have tucked away.  I've saved a small fortune using up baking supplies and dried fruit on packed lunches too.

I'm liking the saving element of this way of meal planning but I feel/fear a really big stock up shop coming.

There's loads more meal plans over At Home With Mrs M - and quite frankly they will be better and more tastier!!

Enjoy your week and let me know how much you save by eating through your stockpile!


  1. We love a bit of freezer diving, saves us a bundle just before Christmas as well as freeing up space for all of the Christmas goodies! x

  2. My kind of week, although I haven't tried the levi roots stuff, only one of my boys likes spicy x

  3. Not tried the Levi Roots stuff before, but my friend loves it! Must try it sometime as I do love my spicy food :)

  4. Wow! Well done with the saving! Shame about having to pay the school trip though....hehehe
    Everything sounds great!!

  5. Haha! I will be doing the eating out the freezer and cupboards thing over the next few weeks trying to make way for the Christmas food i've ordered - think my meals will not be as appetising as yours manage to sound!



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