Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Three Commandments of Savvy Shopping

Short and sweet today, If you're trying to cut down on what you spend and are trying to get things for the lowest price, you have to follow at least one of these three, everytime you shop.

1. Ebay sweep.  Even if you want brand new, search Ebay.  I've just searched for an all terrain pram and they're on there for around £6!!!! (yes! 6!)  Loads of brand new and unwrapped items are listed.  Its worth a 2 minute check on your smartphone.

2. Use quidCo or another cashback website.  You'll get paid for buying from websites you'd buy from anyway and you'll get access to fantastic deals.  I got an iPod with a new mobile phone contact some years ago.

3. Make a list.  Don't be distracted - you'll overspend.  Do a meal plan and stick to it!!



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