Sunday, 4 December 2011

The 18 Years and Over Rated Fish Tank

When we started fishkeeping, I thought the Gourami's were hard work. They fought all the time and one in particular stressed the others so much a couple died.

So I got livebearers. My friend had some platy and they looked calm. I got two mollies and two guppies.

A few weeks later, my gorgeous suede effect Black Mollies both had babies. We didn't notice until it was pointed out by my fish keeping brother-in-law. We witnessed a few being eaten by the bully Gourami but managed to land several into the safe haven of a floating baby tank.

We thought that was it. There were no males in the tank. Except the babies. They started inbreeding!! The majority died or were eaten.

So, we got three female guppies. Then we had roughly 20 baby guppies arrive. And again, we did our best but only the strong survive. Many died and many were eaten.

So whodunnit? Who's eating the neighbours? I think it's the Clown Loaches - but that's another story

I certainly know with all this breeding and cannibalism, if it was a film, it'd be an 18! Fish keeping is certainly over rated.

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