Saturday, 17 December 2011

Poker Night

Last week I was extremely excited to be again embarking on an adult leaning course. Having improved my knowledge of beer I felt it time to learn another skill - Poker.

Driving back from work, listening to the Radio Wave charity auction day, a lot came on for a poker lesson at The Genting Circus Casino. And is was only £40 for 10 people to learn to play poker!!

So I bid £60. And I won!

The confirmation letter came through and to my delight I was informed there was also a Buffet laid on! So I gathered my friends and we met up at the casino.

For anyone who has not been to a casino, they're not the James Bond style Monte Carlo kind of place you would imagine. They're relaxed with a few tables, fruit machines and croupiers in shirts and waistcoats.

So Gordon and Tony taught us the basics with Nicci catering to our every whim. We really couldn't have been made to feel more welcome! Franco in the restaurant ensured we had enough food to last until new year and we were treated to a dealer for an extra game after we ate.

So the game was on. Visors down, poker faces on. We were playing for money. Thirty quid of it.

I think I went out on about round three after going All In but it wasn't lack of card skills, it was because I was convinced my friend would lie and bluff his way to a win. As it turned out he did have a good hand when mine was rubbish!

We all thoroughly enjoyed the night. It was different, we were out, laughing and having a good time something that too few people do nowadays.

If you fancy learning poker, the Genting Circus Casino do lessons every Tuesday and Wednesday. I can't recommend it enough! If you are nervous or clueless, this is a great setting to learn.

I have not been approached by the Genting Circus Casino to write this review. I received a two hour poker lesson for 10, twenty free drinks and a buffet as the winning bidder in the Radio Wave charity auction.

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