Saturday, 17 December 2011

Best Kept (Purple) Secret

You know the saying, Comfortable in your own skin, well I've never literally been that comfortable in mine. It's dry and itchy, particularly at this time of year.

The products I have been able to use have always been limited, the cheapest being Johnsons and the most expensive being Dr Hauscha. However, I tended to plump for Dermalogica. I'd have the luxury of being able to wash off the Ultra Calming Cleanser in summer but in winter the water just dries my skin too much.

Being the organised kind of person I am, I never run out of things (Ha!!) The day I ran out of cleanser was the day I had a networking meeting and it was a big one. I was running the meeting and it was a full house. One of the guests I had invited was my friend Jillian who just so happens to supply proto-col products. So who better to ask for a sample to tide me over until my Dermalogica arrives?

Jillian came up trumps with not only a sachet but a travel sized pump dispenser Cleanser, a spray toner and a Gel Moisturiser! So, being the girl I am, I went home after the meeting and removed all my make up with the products just to try them out!

The cleanser is very much like Ultra Calming Cleanser and the Moisturising Facial Gel is the nearest to Barrier Repair I've seen. It's not quite as silicon-ey and slippery but it has the same skin smoothing quality and leaves the face feeling fresh and supple.

The best point surely has to be the price at just £12.95 for a 100ml pump dispenser as proto-col does cost less than Dermalogica but no!! It's the collagen! All the products contain collagen alongside other wonder ingredients including coral seaweed.

I converted after a week and bought full sized products. I love my proto-col

The full range can be viewed on Jillian's website

I have not been approached by proto-col or Purple Secret to write this review.  I have been supplied with complimentary, trial sized products of proto-col skin cleanser, proto-col skin toner and proto-col Moisturising Facial Gel courtesy of Purple Secret.

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