Sunday, 4 December 2011

Extra Curricular Learning - Real Ale Tasting

If you're going to take on an adult learning course, it's always best to do one you enjoy. One where you have an interest and love of the subject. So I chose the Lancashire Wine School.
(It's a school!! And they do courses!! Therefore, adult learning!!)

Now, I've been a regular at the school since  it opened and when Colin announced his Lancashire Day Beer Tastings, I was straight on it. For educational purposes, of course, not for the hotpot and 6 bottles of beer.

I've never been a beer fan due to the gas factor. It tastes fine but I would be mortified if I belched mid conversation and I know I'm not alone.

Colin Burbidge - My Own Personal Booze Expert
We tasted, in generous half pint portions, 7 beers (Yes! One more than expected!) from Lancashire breweries. The selections started off pale and ended up dark with Thwaites Nutty Black.

Most of the girls on the course preferred the lighter beers and were getting squinty and squiffy the darker we went as the tastes soured slightly. The general consensus was India Pale Ales were extremely drinkable.

Additional note to prove I have learnt something on my adult education course:
India Pale Ale is so called because it was originally made to ship to our boys in India in the days of the Raj. It was made at a higher strength so it travelled well in the boats.

The surprise for most was the ability to eat a large plate of hotpot, with potatoes and vegetables, after already having two pints of beer, and then still being able to easily drink the remaining pint and a half!

The Hopstar Lush was my favourite. It had a bonfire toffee taste. If you like Caramel Latte's or Creme Brûlée, this is the real ale for you.

As is usual on these events, all the tasters are sat around one big table and at the start only really talk amongst their own group. About half way through, it's like a pub full of regulars with stories being shared and plenty of laughs.

A great night, and it looks like Port and Cheese will be my next outing to Wine School!

This is a completely independent view of a course I paid full price for. I have not been approached or paid by The Lancashire Wine School for this review, nor have I been encouraged to mention the beers listed.

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