Saturday, 3 December 2011

Horses Don’t Get Parking Tickets

Did you know that? Last week the Traffic Wardens were out in force guarding the three roads around school with zig zag markings.

I welcome the enforcers. People park stupidly, drive inconsiderately and generally incite road rage on a daily basis, so I do appreciate any attempt to restore order.

So the horse. Firstly, I've no problem with the horse at all. It's owner us the target of my rant. It's been a few times, left a few piles if top quality manure on the pavement and been a source of "ahhh's" from the kids.

On this occassion, It's stood there with it's owner and it's carriage outside school at 3pm. On The Zig Zags. The traffic warden is also there. On The Pavement.

It was immune from a ticket!! It didn't get moved on even!

An obstruction is an obstruction in my opinion. The zig zags prevent obstructions which stop pedestrians and drivers seeing each other. Yet still no ticket was issued.

So, I urge all those parents who like to park or drop off on the zig zags to get a horse and cart - you're immune from enforcement action!

And if you could all come on the same day, we'll really get a feel of a good old fashioned gridlock. I'll be the one selling manure.

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