Thursday, 1 May 2014

So That Was April 2014...

Well that month flew by!  It seems like only last week I was sighing a relief at the end of the tax year whilst being resolute and positive that this year will be my best financial year ever!!

I think its possibly my longest run of daily posts, although I fell at the final hurdle of the last week because I just got too busy at work.

So here's a round up of April 2014

We had a returning Blog Sponsor in the form of The Lancashire Wine School and I blogged about my new obsession with a posh tipple

The Ten Minute Tasks got my home nearer a heavenly like standard of cleanliness with...

Cleaning the Washing Machine

Cleaning the Front Door

Cleaning the Bannisters

Cleaning the Can Cupboard

(I do actually realise how dull this makes me sound!) 

I gave my 12 year old a money challenge - and I've just noticed I've only published week 1's results.  I shall furiously tap away after this with the final result!!

April was the month I tried to adopt cooking the shopping as soon as I get it home!  See how I do that and save bags of time on this meal planning post.  Not to spoil the surprise or anything, but it worked really well so I did it again the following week, then had a freezer restock cooking day.

I've had some real rants this month including Stupid Things My Council Does and how I think free school breakfasts are completely wrong

Money related posts this month include How to Get Maximum Ebay Prices and Getting Your Money Making Mojo going.  The post about how to work out supermarket deals was a really popular one as was my Top 5 Thrifty Blogs.

I've joined quite a few linky's this month, A Day in The Life over at MummyPinkWellies and my post about Easter Activities where I suggest a day at a graveyard as a cheap day out for the kids!  (Seriously, just read it, it's better than it sounds!)

There's not been much crafting going on, just my using my Project Life binder for Meal Planning!  And I've only managed to post one Recipe for Gluten Free Meat and Potato Pie.

We've only had the one review this month as well, and it wasn't even for me!! It was Little Plums Little Yums.  Although I do eat them with a bit of Philly on and they are lovely. 

So that was April 2014!!  How did you find it?

My goals for May are as usual to save save save add add new income streams and as for the blog, as it is the 5th month, each post will be a How To with 5 crucial steps to success.  

Have a wonderful May 2014!!


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