Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Illuminasia - Blackpool Winter Gardens

Living in Blackpool is great if you love shows and events.  The Blackpool Winter Gardens latest big thing is Illuminasia, an indoor illumination exhibition.

Room 2 - Blackpool Winter Gardens Illuminasia

Firstly, it is nothing like the outdoor illuminations that Blackpool is famous for. It is a semi guided tour through the six rooms where there is interaction mainly by
the resident entertainer Adrian Catch, whom I first encountered at my friends sons birthday party.  He is very good and a critical element to the success of Illuminasia in my opinion.  Without this interaction in room 3, I think most would have just walked right through to the end.

A scratch card is given out for entrants to find answers to the questions but I found this was a distraction from enjoying the exhibits.  Also for the kids, it is a method of getting them to the gift shop to get their reward certificate.  I'm very much against this.

We weren't aware of the laser show at the end of the Land of the Giants room, which is by far the best and majority of the tour.  The laser show is dissappointing to say the least.

From the Land of The Giants Room
It is expensive at £15 per adult, £9.99 per child over 3 or £40 for a family ticket.  Although they stress you can go back and view the rooms as often as you like, the tour takes around an hour.  There is also a reasonably priced cafe at the end.

I would like to go through again maybe later in the year or on a rainy day on town but it is just not enough value for money for me.

Also I wasn't permitted to take a pushchair through so I'm not sure what disabled failures there are.
I'm glad I've seen illuminasia, it is good and fairly spectacular but I feel let down by the time in there and that only 3 out of the 6 rooms are actually good.

What's On In Blackpool? - Illuminasia
I've not been approached by anyone to do this review. I paid for our tickets and this is a completely independent review consisting of my opinion and photos

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