Friday, 2 May 2014

How To Survive a Sleepless Night Due to ... Children

If you've got kids, you'll know that sinking feeling when you have to drag your bones out of bed, just moments after you get in it.

The actual staying up with the child is not as difficult as it may sound, it's the following day that can be like walking through treacle with your head in a marshmallow.

I'm lucky and only have to do a through the night every month or so, my youngest child is actually a really good sleeper.

So this is how I survive the following day when all I want to do is get under my duvet.

1. Get a Warm Shower if You Can.  Not too hot, you'll go dopier and not too cold because that is just wrong!  A warm shower will wake you up some.

2.  Drink a Pint of Water.  Don't be tempted by coffee or an energy drink.  You'll have a sugar rush, peak and drop.  Drink water and I guarantee you'll feel better.

3.  Play! Preferably Outside in the Fresh Air. Remember you're child will also be tired.  They will tire quickly and then be ready for a sleep.  Playing passes time, stops you thinking "I just want to Sleeeeeeeeeep" and the fresh air will keep you going.

4. Eat little meals.  Your blood sugar will be all over.  Resist the temptation for chocolate and snacks.  Eat little things like a sandwich and have little meals that will just tide you over.  Your body is tired, it doesn't need to be digesting junk food.  also keep drinking water.

5.  Sleep if Your Child Sleeps.  There's a massive temptation to get stuff done when you've not got little hands hindering your work, but seriously, sleep.  You've had none and even a speed nap will improve you.  Don't forget to set an alarm if you have a school run to go on or an appointment.

How do you stay awake and get through the day after a night on the (kitchen) tiles?

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