Monday, 5 May 2014

Meal Planning Monday - The Bank Holiday Shop

Normally I avoid supermarkets like the plague over a bank holiday weekend but with one thing and another we ran the stocks down as much as we could and I had to bite the bullet and go on Bank Holiday Monday.

I've been selected by Brit Mums as a #MorrisonsMum to see how their declaration of lower prices stands up.  That's awholenother post but explains a little about this week's plan as
there's much more from scratch fresh cooking this week, basically because my fridge is ram packed with food!

Monday - Chicken and Chips (day out at the zoo, so a cooked chicken from their rotisserie)

Tuesday - Chicken Pasta Bake with leftover chicken

Wednesday - Steak and kidney and chips

Thursday - Liver, and Bacon with hash browns and black pudding

Friday - smoked haddock and boiled potatoes

Saturday - Sausage Green Hash (From Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar Plan)

Sunday - Slow Cooked lamb shank with cous cous.

I think that uses up all the mains I bought.  The take away on Saturday has disappeared as I'm quitting Sugar on the Sarah Wilson programme.  Day one went well.  Day two is a little harder!

As for cooking and storing this week,  I'm hoping to do the steak and kidney and lamb whilst making chicken pasta bake from leftovers but the liver and fish will need to be done on the day.

This post is linked up to At Home With Mrs M where there's loads of inspiration and frugal meal planning.

Have a good week,


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