Monday, 19 May 2014

Meal Planning Monday - Doubling Up

I am guilty of serious blog neglect.  I am just so busy at the moment, the recession is certainly over for me.  I've had so many site starts it's untrue! Great, but I'm working out how to juggle everything.  I've also had work coming in from unexpected sources.  I've been recommended by two people I don't know and had a decent stream of work from People Per Hour.

Meal planning has gone right out the window.  We've just been grabbing food and never have we eaten so much takeaway in one week.  I've a strange week this week though so will have time to cook whilst at home between appointments.

Everything I do cook though will
be done in double quantities or frozen in a throw and go bag as I need to have backup of decent homecooked food for the next few weeks.  (The quitting sugar project is slightly on hold!  That's a whole nother post!)

So this is what we're on this week (and probably next!!)

Monday: Potato Hash with Dumplings and lashings of Beetroot
Tuesday:  Haddock, Chips and Mushy Peas
Wednesday: Gluten Free Spag Bol and Garlic Bread
Thursday: Steak and Kidney - with the veg in for speed - and Chips
Friday: Brinner! - Not had that in ages for Tea!!
Saturday: Indian Takeaway
Sunday: BBQ if the weather holds out

So there you have it, we'll have to stick to it this week!

There's loads more meal planning inspiration over at At Home With Mrs M, please hop over and have a look

Have a fab week!



  1. We had brinner last night and it was lovely.

    Also I love beetroot but noone else does. I may have to buy some just for me this shop!


  2. Everything sounds fab!
    Good luck with the BBQ!



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