Tuesday, 6 May 2014

#Morrisons Mum - The Big £80 Shop

I'm so excited Brit Mums selected me as a #Morrisonsmum !

I'm lucky enough to live two miles from my towns flagship store and used to shop there without fail until I defected to Tesco because of home delivery and then later Aldi because of the lower prices.  When I shop at Aldi I do nip into Morrisons just to buy Lactrofree milk and cheese.

So this was a great opportunity for me to compare the new "I'm Cheaper" claims of Morrisons.

I was shopping for the week with £80 on a
Bank Holiday Monday.  I went fairly early and was delighted to find it reasonably busy but not congested.

The easy to negotiate with a trolley AND toddler - produce section

The fresh produce section has been re-organised and its much better than before, everything is in a more sensible order with stands in straight lines.  I have been in a trolley jam many times there before.  I love the salad mister and theres a new deal of Mix and Match 3 for £1.50 on a range of 6 items.  Much like Aldis weekly Super Six.  I got baking potatoes, celery and carrots.

Fish is now included in the 3 for £10 meat offer so I saved £2-odd on fish and got 6 fillets.

The meat in the 3 for £10 wasn't what we would eat.  There was whole chickens, pork and barbeque burgers and kebabs but I'd got a cooked chicken for convenience and we have to be careful with pre made burgers and the like because of the gluten content.  They did look delicious though with pepper toppings.

The "I'm Cheaper" I thought applied mainly to Morrisons own brand tinned goods.  Ask the items that are cheaper are highlighted by yellow shelf tags.  The fresh produce section did also contain several dropdowns but the fruit was mainly still on 2 for £3 offers.

Pampers nappies have also got the Cheaper treatment with the economy packs dropping £2 to 9 99.  However the stock in the shves was, as usual, low and very limited in sizes.  The Morrisons own Kiddicare section was, as usual, very well stocked with all sizes available.

All in all, I was surprised to get the amount of food I did for £80 as I also picked up 8 tinned dinners for my mother in law, toilet rolls and nappies.  I also received a week one voucher as Morrisons are running their payday bonus promotion again.

There's a full run down of my meal plan for this week here and tomorrow I'll post the recipies and cost per person per meal.

Thanks for choosing me as a #Morrisonsmum I will do a weekly shop here more often but i will also have to use Tesco purely for their Free From range and larger Special Diet section.

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  1. Enjoyed reading to see how you got on. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.



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