Thursday, 17 January 2013

5 Secrets of Rich Ebay Sellers

A great little money maker to boost your savings pot is Ebay.  But make sure you are not giving your potential savings away by following these strategies which are deployed by the people who make a living from Ebay.

1. A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words
Stage your item.  If its clothes it will get more bids, therefore a higher price, if its on a mannequin.  If you have a lot to sell or intend to Ebay regularly, invest in one.  Buy it off Ebay and sell it when you're done with it. If its an unwanted gift, show it with a gift box and offer to include it.

2. Offer Free Postage and Packaging
Calm down, its not really free, its added into your starting price.  Just make sure you do know how much it will be to post. Weigh it check the Royal Mail website.  Items with low or free p&p sell.  Many people are put off by high postage rates.

3. Offer Inspiration
Buyers need to be encouraged.  Think of Selfridges compared to TK Max, I know where I prefer to shop, where its all there on a plate demonstrated and looking lovely.  Describe what your item could be, a gift for..., a time saving device, the latest must have gadget, the next big thing.  You do have to be accurate in your description so don't get carried away, but go as far as you can to make the buyer think hmmm yes, I'll have that!

4. Promote Your other items. 
Make sure you put a call to action at the end of your description.  I always add...
"please message me with any questions"
"if you like this, I have other similar items and will be happy to combine postage"
and Ebay will helpfully display your other items at the bottom of the description for you.

5. Monitor and Time Your Auctions
Consider when your ideal customer will be online.  You want to create a bidding war to get the maximum value.  I time my listings to end on a Friday night, particularly in January when people can't afford to go out.  Its also a good idea to have short auctions or use Buy It Now as everyone wants everything yesterday. Then finally, monitor your auctions, if you don't have a bid 24 hours before the end, let the start price to get things going.  Ultimately the item will probably sell for more than the original starting price.

Good luck!  Let me know how you get on and leave a comment below. 

Also let me know if your selling your regifts and I'll tweet the links to your items for you

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