Friday, 25 January 2013

Make a Living from Car Booting

If you frequent car boot sales regularly, you will notice the same stall holders week after week.  Surely no one can have that much stuff to get shut of?

No, they can't.  They are professional car booters making a living from setting second hand goods.

Get to the boot sale when the pitch opens and you'll find the stall holders checking out the competition.  They will scoop up under priced items from the one off stall holders that are there clearing their unwanted goods, reprice the item and make a profit selling it on their own stall.

Make a living from car boot sales

Pack up all your unwanted items the night before so you are ready to go first thing in the morning.

Prepare your car boot kit.  Get a large tupperware box and put in: 

3 sheets of stickers (for prices)
2 thick felt tips
Roll of bin liners
Carrier bags for customers
Paper to make signs

Get your clothes out ready to throw on in the morning.  If you have thermals, put them on (unless there's a heatwave), it's probably going to be a bit nippy at 6am

Get your flask out ready near the kettle and make some sandwiches for breakfast.  There will be stalls that sell delicious bacon butties and tepid brews, bit you're there to make money, not spend it!!!

After you have set up, scout the other stalls and buy up what you can sell and what will make a profit.  The latter is crucial.  You are taking home the difference between what you pay and what you sell it for.  Don't get carried away, you can easily create an financial loss here!

Shout out to passers by.  Entice then to your stall.

When you get a looker, engage with them, talk them round to buying.  Ask why they like the item, convince them that they need it.  Haggle, do discounts for multiple items, make that sale before they leave.

If time is ticking on, put up your All Offers Considered sign.  You don't really want to pack it up and take it home do you?

Scout the other stalls again for reduced bargains that you can sell next time.

Good Luck!!

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