Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Leftover Recipes: Vegetable Chilli Samosas

Ideal for the after Christmas and New year Binge!  Easy to make but you're actually eating good food rather than the processed stuff we all over indulge in.

One of my batch cooking staples is Vegetable Chilli (have you seen my 10 ways with which is actually 11?) and it can always be found in my teeny tiny freezer.  This is such an easy recipe and is great in lunchboxes too.


Defrosted Filo Pastry
Left over or defrosted small portion of Vegetable Chilli


1.  Seperate the sheets of filo pastry and cut into long rectangles (about 4-5 inches on the short side)

2. Place a spoonful of the chilli mix in the corner of the rectangle

3. Brush the edges with egg.

4. Fold over into a triangle shape and keep folding it over until you reach the end.

5. Repeat with another layer of filo pastry

6. Pinch the edges and "glue" down any loose edges with egg.

7.  Bake in the oven (if you're healthy) or deep fry (if you're authentic!)

There you go, ideal cold in a lunchbox, on a buffet, or as a starter!

And best of all extremely low cost!

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