Friday, 11 January 2013

Gift Idea: Baking Jar

If you want a unique present for a little girl, put together a baking jar.  Its cheap and quick to do and ideal if you've forgotten to get a present. 

You can also make it more fabulous by getting a cheap kids apron, kitchen timer, baking tray and cookie cutters.  I go to the discount store and see what they have in.

How To Make A Cookie Mix Jar

You will need...

A 1lb glass or plastic jar/canister
Labels (you can download these

Weigh out the ingredients and add to the jar in layers.  Press them down firmly to ensure everything fits in.

Put the lid on the jar

Print off the labels, cut out  and thread onto ribbon.  You could personalise the labels.

Tie the ribbon round the lid and you're done!

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