Sunday, 13 January 2013

Leftover Roast with Revived Roast Potatoes

There's always some leftovers from a roast dinner and there's always a recipe for another meal!  It can also be made when you've loads of stuff to use up before it goes off.

This week its Pie.


Leftover meat
Cooked vegetables
Gravy (may need to make extra)
Ready rolled puff pastry
Cold roast potatoes
1 small onion


Put the meat and veg in a deep dish

Pour over the gravy, make sure there's enough to cover the leftovers

Put the pastry over the top and brush with milk, cream or an egg.

Cook until the pastry is cooked

Meanwhile, squash the cold roast potatoes a little.  Not to much, just break in half.

Heat oil in a  saute or frying pan and fry sliced onion for a few minutes until starting to brown.

Add potatoes and season.

Fry until the potatoes crisp up and the onions are soft.

Check on the pie and serve!


  1. I always make bubble and squeak cakes with our left over veg, In fact we started cooking more as the boys adore them and insist on them for Monday dinner!

  2. Oooh! Its ages since we've had bubble and squeak! I could just eat it now! I've just been over at Frugalicious Food and will be adding carrots to it next time I make it, which may be at tea time!

    Thanks for the inspiration!



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