Friday, 14 March 2014

#Food Poverty - Completely Missing the Point

After watching the Sport Relief special Famous and Hungry last night, I can't help feeling enraged that the Point has been completely missed!

People are starving here in Britain because of the extortionate price of food and the knock on effect of high utility bills.

A large loaf of  Warburton Medium slice costs around £1.50!!!  I know I could buy unbranded but this is my marker of price increases as I can remember the same loaf costing 79p

Am I alone on thinking this is extortionate?

If Aldi can charge £1 for the same loaf then all supermarkets can.

The cost of gas and electricity is also eating the food budget.

So why is the message that these people aren't given enough money?   The root cause of the problem surely is the cost?!

Am I wrong?

Please set me straight in the comments section if you think so.

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