Friday, 28 March 2014

NHS Cuts or Complacency

Last month, my GP felt my sons condition was so urgent that we go straight to the medical assessment unit.  The doctor there thought his pain was so insignificant that he could go home despite two GPs diagnosing him with Shingles.  Less than 24 hours later, we were back with 2 consultants talking lumbar punctures for brain infection.  He was treated for Shingles and is still recovering.

My mother is fit to work apparently despite her pain receptor score being 9 times higher than it should be.  Three weeks of pain later, she has been referred to rhumetology for the treatment she needs.

I had to fight to have my childs tonsils out.  He didn't sleep through until he had them out and I didn't sleep as I used to listen for him breathing all night.  He used to stop and cough and I'd be up like a dart.  It was like dozing next to a life support machine and the sleep deprivation left me depressed and unable to recall much of his early years.

There's a couple of other incidents where mis diagnosis and discharge without solving the original issue have occurred and I wonder, is it complacency or are they trying to cut costs?

I'm no fan of the NHS particularly and I would much prefer to opt out completely and have a system like the USA  but unfortunately the first link in the chain is a GP so NHS interface is inevitable.

At the moment I'm worn down by people not doing their job.  

I know people who work in the NHS and they do work hard.  But ultimately they are taken advantage of because  they work hard.

It doesn't help that I live in a town with one of the hospitals that has been highlighted for high death rates, but instead of turning this around, they build a massive entrance hall and provide the same shabby service they always have done.

Am I out of line with this rant?  Am I generalising on my own experiences?  What do you think?

Is it financial cuts that are leading to us being turned away and fobbed off or are they just complacent and don't really care?

I'd be really interested to know.

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