Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Ten Minute Task - Cleaning the Bathroom

In Ten Minutes?  Seriously?!

Yes.  Ten Minutes. Now I know a good bathroom clean with all the faffiness of vinegar and cotton buds can take a good hour, but sometimes it just needs a quick blitz to keep things shiny and Not-Urgh.

The key to this one is moving fast and not being clumsy, so best not to do when you're tired.

So here it is...

1.  Spray bath, shower and sink with bathroom foam

2.  Take everything off the shelves (I only have 2 so not too difficult)

3. Spray the shelves with bathroom foam.

4.  Empty the bin

5.  Wipe down the bath and spray with shower (or jug a load of water over)

6.  Wipe down the shower

7.  Wipe down the sink and rinse

8.  Wipe down the sink and rinse

9.  Give the cloth a good rinse and wipe down the shelves and skirting boards

10. Wipe the shelf items with a towel as you put them back

11. Wipe down any other surfaces that are gathering dust.

Job done

I do this every other day to keep the bathroom appearing clean!  I do, do a monthly clean with the faffy vinegar cotton buds and it is much more satisfying than a speed clean, but sometimes you just don't have the time do you?

And of course, I am smug once the 10 minute task is done, as always!!

Happy wiping!


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