Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Review: Talk First Baby Sign Classes

As regular readers know, I love Talk First Baby Sign and the Blackpool and Fylde Branch, run by Joyce Jones, have been lovely enough to sponsor My Cava Lifestyle again this month.

Joyce Jones and Signing Dexter
For those that haven't come across Talk First, it is the best class I have been to for babies.  Most classes are open to babies once they have turned six months, but Talk First is open as soon as you are ready!  My youngest has attended from being 3 months old and absolutely adores Dexter.  We have the CD on before and on the way to class and he's clapping and signing away!

Each week has a theme and we learn 8 signs associated to the topic.  At the start of the class we do the welcome song along with the signs followed by a recap of last weeks signs.

Last week's signs were on the theme of Getting Ready
We go round the room practicing our signs to the tune of Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush and the babies and toddlers get ready for the music fun to follow whilst learning signs off all the mums - and of course Dexter!

Joyce has loads of activities to keep the attention of the children, as I must admit, my child is probably the worst for looking round the room and being distracted by a toy (the class we go to is at Lytham Children's Centre so loads of fun in that room!) but Joyce always brings him back with a musical instrument, puppet or game.

The class lasts 40 minutes and usually contains at least 2 musical instruments, an activity and loads of songs.  The words are on the board and the babies really love the ones where you dance and throw them around.  Some classes can be quite a work out particularly when Wham and S Club 7 are on the agenda!

My youngest is really coming on with his signing now, he's reluctant in class but does the signs when we play the CD.  It has been a real help in him communicating what he wants or needs as I feel much more attuned to what he is indicating than I did with my other two boys.

There are classes all over the country the website is http://www.talkfirst.net/

Joyce's classes are in the Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre area and her schedule for the next term is:

Monday:  Lytham Childrens Centre 10am and 11.15am

Thursday: Thornton YMCA 11am

Joyce also does one to one sessions and children's parties.  Here's her Facebook Page for Talk First

I'm sure we'll be going to Talk First for as long as we can as it is the most chilled out baby class I've found! (and my six year old is in raptures when he has an inset day and can come along too!)

Try it out, I look forward to seeing any of you locals there!!

Review by: Claire Sheehan

Although Joyce is our Top Advertiser this month, this has not influenced my review.  

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